Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Time I Baked them in my Toaster Oven

1 toaster oven

Last week I honestly thought I was the MacGyver of home cooking. Until I posted a picture of cookies baking in my $30 toaster oven from Target on Instagram and my old roommate informed me she bakes in her toaster oven all the time during hot summer months.


Her, not me.

Today, I’m posting my not so original recipe for Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip cookies, with instructions on baking them in a toaster oven (it’s not really that different).  The twist in my version is that the recipe and instructions are for completely making dairy free cookies.  Yes, Oreos are dairy free… slightly terrifying, right? But before we get to the recipe, let’s talk about how we ended up baking them in my toaster oven.

The technical set up, obviii

Suuuuper technical up in here!

Last week was pretty much the dumbest week ever. Like the only way you can understand how dumb it was is to have an Antoine Dodson gif tell you it was really dumb. For real.

Tell ’em ‘Toine!

Monday morning I sliced my toe open in the grossest place in America: the T Station (be careful with sandals and escalators, my ladies). That afternoon I had to get a tetanus booster. On Tuesday Evan figured out our oven was broken. Wednesday it was confirmed our oven wouldn’t get over 250º, and it was also announced that the 4th of July was basically cancelled in these parts due to hurricane Arthur. Thursday we watched a half-assed pops concert/fireworks show thanks to thunderstorms. And Friday we watched Independence Day no less than 2 times while baking and drinking while it poured rain outside.

But like the ridiculously cheesy saying goes – “to see the rainbow you must endure the rain” – lots of positives came from all this.

First, I don’t have tetanus. Second, my super attentive landlords had a BRAND SPANKING NEW oven delivered TODAY. Third, I learned the joy of not overheating my kitchen by turning my oven to 350º for a few hours on a hot day. And fourth, I watched Independence Day no less than 2 or 3 times on Independence Day… 90s blockbuster films really get me.


Nothing says freedom like Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day

Anyway, enough about me… let’s get to what really matters:

cookies in half


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Friday Jams: Independence Day Edition

Happy Independence Day!

My Dad always made a point to say Happy Independence Day instead of Happy July 4th. He has a thing for semantics, I think. But anyway, it rubbed off on me, and now it’s how I say it, too.

This week my jam is the most American and most Lisa thing I could think of: Whitney Houston singing The Star Spangled Banner before Super Bowl XXV in 1991. If her rendition doesn’t get your amped for America, then you should stop reading my blog.

Just kidding. Please keep reading my blog.

Anyway, take it away, Whitney…

From Rhubarb to Roasted Vegetable Pizza: The Story of my Failed Weekend


Maybe you saw this picture on my instagram this weekend. Maybe you were like “Ooooo look at this fresh rhubarb, what’s she going to do with it!?” Maybe the answer was bake a dairy free version of Martha’s Rhubarb-Berry Crumble …

But maybe I got ‘caught up’ in Happy Hour with work friends and didn’t get home till 1:30am on Friday. And then maybe I spent Saturday morning on my couch complaining to Evan about how my whole life hurt instead of baking said crumble.

If that’s your train of thought, then maybe, just MAYBE you were right.


Sad ramekins are sadly empty.

Friday I had bought rhubarb and raspberries to bake my little heart out, but by Sunday afternoon my raspberries were covered in mold and the rhubarb was all soft and gross. I really believe in storing fresh produce the way it’s stored when I buy it, meaning if it’s not in the refrigerator when I buy it, I don’t store it there. Unfortunately 2 days in my hot apartment isn’t the same 2 days in an AC’ed grocery store.

My discovery of bad ingredients, was mere hours after I had dug out my DSLR to verify the lens was broken, only to discover, that yes, the lens will not focus, but also the camera will not turn on with fully charged batteries. AWESOME.

Feeling defeated and really sweaty in said hot apartment, I got sad and threw everything in the trash {except the camera}. Evan volunteered to pay to replace my putrid produce {he’s a good man}, but I just gave in and had a beer instead.

The good news is our apartment is ridiculously clean right now and I am less fat from not eating the delectable and sugary crumble. The other good news is you get a recipe for homemade roasted vegetable pizza for a blog instead.


mmm cheeseless pizzaaaaa

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Friday Jams: Billy Joel Edition

This week’s jam was an easy pick.  Last night I saw Billy Joel live for the first time.  Live at Fenway Park.  And it was awesome.



I am not a huge concertgoer, but when I do go see live music it tends to be big names like U2 or Tom Petty or Bob Dylan or Billy Joel, so I judge all these shows against each other.  I have to say BJ put on a GREAT show.  Thus, this makes the obvious choice for today a Billy Joel song, and the obvious problem with that is picking just one.  Like every song he’s written is a hit.

I went with “River of Dreams” because it came out in 1993 when I was 9 and it’s one of the first Billy Joel songs I specifically remember hearing on the radio.

I do have to say my FIRST introduction to Billy Joel was Oliver & Company, and at one point last night, Billy Joel made a voice that sounded exactly like Dodger the dog.  I almost went with “Why Should I Worry” but it’s not a Billy Joel original.  He sang it, but he didn’t write the song.


Alright, it’s FRIDAY! and I hope this river brings you to your dream of an awesome weekend!

El Brew


This past weekend I got my celebration on. First, I was in Astoria when Ecuador won their world cup game and you really couldn’t not celebrate because they were celebrating everywhere {seriously it was kind of ridic}. Second, was my adorable bunjer of a niece’s {we like to make up words in my family} first birthday party.  And third, we celebrated Father’s Day a week late. For Father’s Day this year, my Dad got a beer brewed {and labeled!} in his honor, which is a great way for me to show off my beer brewing skills on the blog.

Though you can’t really judge said skills till you’ve had a sip, but whatevvvss. Just go with it.

I won’t bore you with ALL the back story of how we started homebrewing – you’ll find out over time – but Evan and I started brewing in 2012 after brewing with some friends. We’ve got about 7 batches under our belt, and after a year and half off, we’re back at it again. The beer is awesome to have around the house {it impresses people}, and it also makes for an excellent gift to beer drinkers.

As a side note to any brewers reading this, we exclusively brew with extract. Not that I don’t want to, but I live in an urban apartment and don’t exactly have the space to set up and store an all grain system.

For those of you reading this being like “extract??? all grain??? There are different ways to brew beer?” you can read about it HERE. But essentially extract brewing is when you add a malt extract to your beer after steeping the grains. All Grain brewing is when you extract the malt or sugars from the grain and malted barley through a process called mashing. All Grain is how all major breweries brew their beer, and is obviously the more advanced and cooler way to homebrew.

Anywayyyyy, back to our beer. We have so aptly named ours EL Brew {E=Evan, L=Lisa}, and for Father’s Day 2014 we brewed and English Pale Ale from a Brewer’s Best Kit.

This batch I brewed all by myself. Evan’s not so into all the science of brewing, so it’s slowly become my hobby. Plus at one point I think we bottled like 3 batches in a row and it’s amazing we didn’t kill each other. Bottling has to be so very, very, VERY clean, but it’s such a messy process, and that makes us argue.


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Friday Jams

I knew as soon as I thought about blogging I wanted a weekly installation of ridiculous music to be something about my blog.  I have what most people would call “bad taste in music” … but beauty is in the ear of the beholder, so it doesn’t really matter what most people think.

Till now.

Welcome to Friday Jams, my friends.  Each Friday I’ll post a little Jam that strikes my fancy, and you can listen to it and get PUMPED FOR THE WEEKEND.  Or you can not listen to it and judge the crap outta me for the music I like.  Either way, you’re being subjected to my taste in music and I don’t even feel bad.  So without further ado, here is your first Friday Jam…

Unbelievable pressure picking out the first one, let me tell you.

Yup. I went with Rupert Holmes and the Piña Colada song for the first Friday Jam. And you know why? Because it’s a Friday in the summer, it’s time for happy hour, and it’s the perfect weather for piña coladas.

Well… I dared.

Today, June 18th, a random day at a random time, I am starting to blog… again. I thought about it for, like, 4 months, and it’s just going to happen. It’s like I get this creative itch that I just can’t seem to scratch… and I have to do something. Also, I’m pretty sure Evan needs this to happen because channeling all this energy in obsessive house organization might be the death of him… or me.

So here we are. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, here comes good ole blogging to focus my energies. {My third valiant effort will be the charm, right?}

I’m sure most of you reading this are all like, “what’s this blogging AGAIN, business? She had a blog once?” Well, folks, yes I did. And I shared it with like 10 people because I was afraid to really put myself out there. We all know the internet is a polarizing place, and anything you say or do will piss someone off. And I wasn’t ready for that.

But now… Now I am 30.  THIRTY.  And like all old people, I’m not afraid anymore!

But don’t worry, not like old-lady-walking-around-the-gym-locker-room-butt-naked not afraid, more like hey-here’s-my-blog not afraid.

Anyway, by rising from the ashes, I mean I’m starting new: a clean slate through a new site.  The one thing I’m taking with me is my blog name with me: Lisa in Flux.  Because one thing that has paradoxically never changed is everything about me = flux.

flux noun \ˈfləks\: A simple and ubiquitous concept throughout physics and applied mathematics is the flow of a physical property in space, frequently also with time variation. ¹

And for the sake of really not being afraid anymore, I’ll give you the option to take a gander at the 2nd dumbest blogging attempt on the internet HERE. This would only be 2nd to the Geocities magic I created at age 13 called Sine Qua Non, which one of my super freaking talented brothers could fill you in on. Don’t worry, it’s as embarrassing as it sounds.

Not shockingly, I do not know what this blog is going to focus on, but if would like some expectations (you should probably leave now if you have expectations of me in this adventure) you can visit the about page.  Anyway, I tend to talk a lot, and don’t want my blogbirth entry to be as long or as painful as what I hear real live human birth is like.

So long story short: Welcome.  My blog is happening.

xoxo. dan humphrey Lisa

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