Nike+ Training Club

So it’s August and I haven’t blogged anything of substance in weeks.


My lack of baking and/or making and blogging has been a direct result of the process known as ‘buying a car’ … Apparently mid-July is when Evan and I like to pretend we’re functioning adults and do grown up things like buy a car.  So yeah, we bought a car and that is time consuming and exhausting, but we’re car owners. Yay!

In all of the research and test driving and collecting of car salespeoples business cards and then not making/baking, I realized the one thing I’ve actually been sticking with a fitness routine.  I think it’s mostly because it helps me manage stress (life = stress), but also I was really trying to get back to the shape I was in when I was acting like I had my shit together last year and moved in with Evan (moving in w/my bf = comfort pounds).

True story: I never have shit together.

Another true story: I like run on sentences.


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