El Brew


This past weekend I got my celebration on. First, I was in Astoria when Ecuador won their world cup game and you really couldn’t not celebrate because they were celebrating everywhere {seriously it was kind of ridic}. Second, was my adorable bunjer of a niece’s {we like to make up words in my family} first birthday party.  And third, we celebrated Father’s Day a week late. For Father’s Day this year, my Dad got a beer brewed {and labeled!} in his honor, which is a great way for me to show off my beer brewing skills on the blog.

Though you can’t really judge said skills till you’ve had a sip, but whatevvvss. Just go with it.

I won’t bore you with ALL the back story of how we started homebrewing – you’ll find out over time – but Evan and I started brewing in 2012 after brewing with some friends. We’ve got about 7 batches under our belt, and after a year and half off, we’re back at it again. The beer is awesome to have around the house {it impresses people}, and it also makes for an excellent gift to beer drinkers.

As a side note to any brewers reading this, we exclusively brew with extract. Not that I don’t want to, but I live in an urban apartment and don’t exactly have the space to set up and store an all grain system.

For those of you reading this being like “extract??? all grain??? There are different ways to brew beer?” you can read about it HERE. But essentially extract brewing is when you add a malt extract to your beer after steeping the grains. All Grain brewing is when you extract the malt or sugars from the grain and malted barley through a process called mashing. All Grain is how all major breweries brew their beer, and is obviously the more advanced and cooler way to homebrew.

Anywayyyyy, back to our beer. We have so aptly named ours EL Brew {E=Evan, L=Lisa}, and for Father’s Day 2014 we brewed and English Pale Ale from a Brewer’s Best Kit.

This batch I brewed all by myself. Evan’s not so into all the science of brewing, so it’s slowly become my hobby. Plus at one point I think we bottled like 3 batches in a row and it’s amazing we didn’t kill each other. Bottling has to be so very, very, VERY clean, but it’s such a messy process, and that makes us argue.


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