This is Where You Read About Me.


I’m Lisa, and I just turned 30.  I will probably never update this section so that, according to the internet, I’ve always just turned 30.

I am an architect by day and a lazy person who watches a lot of Law and Order:SVU on my couch by night.  For those ‘in the know,’ no, I have not passed all my exams.

I grew up in a small town in Connecticut, and went to college and graduate school in Boston.  After 18 years in CT and 12 in MA (with the exception of a semester abroad in Italy) I can safely say NEW ENGLAND 4 LYFE!  Which is exactly how it sounds…

Currently, I live with my boyfriend and our zero pets (more about my yearning for a dog later) in an apartment just north of Boston proper.


get in may bell-ay

mmmmmm dairy free cupcaaaaaakes…


Here are some things {the FLUX of my life} about me that will appear on this blog, because, well, write what you know, right?

  • I like running. It’s been one of the few consistencies in my life since college, and it’s helped me maintain a 50-pound weight loss.
  • In addition to running, I try to dabble in fitness as a hobby. And by “dabble as a hobby” I mean I do it because I have a wicked sweet tooth. And that’s wicked in the evil way, not the New England way…
  • Speaking of sweet tooth, I loooooove love love to bake. Mostly cookies, cakes, and cupcakes, but occasionally breads and pastries make an appearance. But also, I don’t eat or bake with dairy.
  • I make my own beer. And when I say “I” I do mean “I” because I do most of the brewing and cleaning and sanitizing. E helps with bottling and drinking.
  • I was heavy into photography years ago (see photo-a-days on the 2nd most dumb blogging attempt on the internet). But the lens on my 10 year old DSLR is broke and I haven’t been shooting as much {so here’s to documenting everything with my iPhone and instagram!}

I will stop now because I could go on and on and on, forever and ever. And you’ll learn plenty about me as the blogs go on. As much I don’t want this to be a journal, talking too much and talking too much about myself is something I am good at so the personal narrative portion will probably be a-plenty.



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