Friday Jams – Toh Kay Edition

Another week… another blog-less week.

I am getting there, I swear. I am building up some stuff content wise.

It’s okay, though, because I’m betting maybe 5 people read this blog… including me. Also, I kind of don’t care, because I created this blog for myself. It’s not intended to be a money making branded adventure in what it’s like to be a creative middle class white girl, though it definitely is an adventure in being a creative middle class white girl… and I digress.

A few weeks ago Evan and I were playing cards, because secretly we are 85. When we play cards we shut off the TV and listen to music. I always put on Frank Sinatra or something of the like. This time Evan put on the Streetlight Lullabies and I immediately added this song to a slow jam playlist. I just love it.

This is definitely not as ridiculous as what I usually post, but it is dedicated to Evan and which is fitting because he is less ridiculous than I am in so many wats. Anyway, today is Evan’s birthday (he’s not really 85) and he is the best so he gets a Friday Jam entry to himself.




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