Here I Dreamt I was an Architect + Friday Jams

Here it is. My big announcement:

I got a new job. A new career-changing job.

This is what accounts for the weird comments about having to be a grown up about everything dating back to, well, the birth of this blog. It’s also the reason for radio silence in August and September.

So right now I’m an architect. Er, I was, er am … I’m still gainfully employed as one for another 3 weeks. Whatever tense it may be, at the end of October I will be a contractor. Some will say I’ve gone to the dark side, while others will believe I’ve seen the light… more on why this caused the silence later.

Anyway, there’s this song called “Here I Dreamt I was an Architect” by The Decemberists, which would be the most fitting song for today, but it is by no means a “jam”… especially a Lisa-style “Jam” … It’s some boring-ass lame emo hipster song and I hate it.

So in place of that you get more Whitney!! Because Whitney songs are my spirit animals. DUH!

This song actually has deep meanings in relation to my life as an architect. It was the song that my studio neighbor, Julie, and I used to jam out to at 4am when we were dead exhausted, and has since been an energy booster when I need to sit down the fire out drawings. It made all our other neighbors angry, but we didn’t care.

Ironically, today is Julie’s birthday. So Happy Birthday, Julie, and (almost) goodbye architecture.


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