Nike+ Training Club

So it’s August and I haven’t blogged anything of substance in weeks.


My lack of baking and/or making and blogging has been a direct result of the process known as ‘buying a car’ … Apparently mid-July is when Evan and I like to pretend we’re functioning adults and do grown up things like buy a car.  So yeah, we bought a car and that is time consuming and exhausting, but we’re car owners. Yay!

In all of the research and test driving and collecting of car salespeoples business cards and then not making/baking, I realized the one thing I’ve actually been sticking with a fitness routine.  I think it’s mostly because it helps me manage stress (life = stress), but also I was really trying to get back to the shape I was in when I was acting like I had my shit together last year and moved in with Evan (moving in w/my bf = comfort pounds).

True story: I never have shit together.

Another true story: I like run on sentences.


Fitness is a something I’ve forced myself to make a hobby of, because I actually spent the majority of my life teetering the line of overweight and obese on the BMI chart.  It’s something I want to blog about, because at many points in my life I just accepted that I was fat and nothing could be done, but here I am, 5 years after after starting a “new fitness journey” maintaining a 50lb weight loss.

More will come in time with my life long struggle against the scale, the gym, my hips, bikinis, beauty magazines, etc, etc, etc. and how I came to find myself running a half marathon. For today, I want to share my latest ‘free fitness’ discovery that has helped me stay in better shape through all the dairy free pizzas and oreo stuff chocolate chip cookies (carbs = love).


So Nike+ Training Club isn’t really a new discovery.  My old roommate (the same genius who informed me she cooks in her toaster oven all the time) told me about the app a few years ago, and I immediately downloaded and fell in love.  It makes. me. SORE.  The good kind of sore.  Between this app, the nike+ running, and the work my brother has done with nike, I pretty much love their brand.

workout choices

But the NTC app is one of my faves because  it has so many different options for work outs that you’ll never get bored, always work different muscles, and it’s literally foolproof.  It doesn’t involve losing count of how many times you did how many reps and it incorporates strength training into what would normally just be a cardio work out for me.  They have explanations of all the moves, and short videos you can watch to understand good form.  It’s basically the 00s and 10s version of an 80s video workout, and I love it!

move guide

The app recently added something called “Programs” that included 3 NTC workouts and 2 runs for 4 weeks.  I started one in early June, but discovered that once you start the program you HAVE to workout the day the app tells you to, or it doesn’t sync.  This is a little frustrating with my schedule.  The app had me working out on a Wednesday, but one Wednesday in particular I was driving two hours away for 9 hours of meetings and two hours home, so I pushed my workout to Thursday. The app didn’t register that I had, in fact, worked out per the program, just on Thursday the rest day, instead of Wednesday.

program 1

So while I did complete at least 4 of the 5 workouts every week, I didn’t get the credit in the app which is a little sad.  However, this DID push me to really try to stick to the schedule and work out more.  I think I might try to commit myself to a program and do every work out unless I’m violently ill or injured because this is just sad to see at the end of a workout challenge:

program finished

Overall, I highly recommend this app to everyone who wants to get in better shape or maintain their physique for free.  Although, I love that this is aimed specifically at Women, I do think a lot of men could benefit from these types of workouts.

So I recommend taking a look. If you’ve got a great free fitness routine or suggestion, let me know.  I LOVE FREE.


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