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I wish I was back where I took this picture on Saturday, but alas, it’s Tuesday, so I will go to work. Also, it’s supposed to be rainy today.

In other news, I kind of jumped the gun about being excited about my new oven. It was delivered last week, but we’re waiting for the plumber to come hook it up (it’s gas). Apparently plumbers are super busy in these parts right now (this is odd, right?). Anyway, the plumber comes today.  Which is great because I want to make dairy-free Apfelkuchen.  My inspiration is two-fold: one, apples were at the farmer’s market last week and two, die Heimat, Germany, won this little thing called the World Cup. Did you hear about it?

It seems obvious that in these hot and oven-less days I should try my hand at a raw no-bake sweetsomething. However, I am currently in the midst of some big time grown up decisions, and it’s a bit overwhelming. Sorry to be vague, but being an adult is overrated and expensive. AND ME NO LIKEY.

So instead of something that I baked or did, you get links and things that make me happy, because making the perfect hard-boiled eggs every time really is happiness when you eat them as much as I do. Like I always say: It’s the little things…

+ Oh, Ladycakes vegan chocolate mousse = uncomplicated happiness.

Cakebox. Or Pie Box. Whatever, they’re all awesome.

+ Just another ‘dark chocolate is good for you’ article.

+ Danger: J.Crew and J.Crew Factory and pretty much everyone is having awesome mid-summer sales. Which is not helping with said expensive grown up life decisions.

Red Pandas playing, because red pandas playing.

+ This is exactly how I expect I will react when we finally get a dog (sorry Evan).

+ And lastly, just a little something that deserves a place on the blog: Happy Birthday to my lovely Oma!


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