Friday Jams: Billy Joel Edition

This week’s jam was an easy pick.  Last night I saw Billy Joel live for the first time.  Live at Fenway Park.  And it was awesome.



I am not a huge concertgoer, but when I do go see live music it tends to be big names like U2 or Tom Petty or Bob Dylan or Billy Joel, so I judge all these shows against each other.  I have to say BJ put on a GREAT show.  Thus, this makes the obvious choice for today a Billy Joel song, and the obvious problem with that is picking just one.  Like every song he’s written is a hit.

I went with “River of Dreams” because it came out in 1993 when I was 9 and it’s one of the first Billy Joel songs I specifically remember hearing on the radio.

I do have to say my FIRST introduction to Billy Joel was Oliver & Company, and at one point last night, Billy Joel made a voice that sounded exactly like Dodger the dog.  I almost went with “Why Should I Worry” but it’s not a Billy Joel original.  He sang it, but he didn’t write the song.


Alright, it’s FRIDAY! and I hope this river brings you to your dream of an awesome weekend!


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