Well… I dared.

Today, June 18th, a random day at a random time, I am starting to blog… again. I thought about it for, like, 4 months, and it’s just going to happen. It’s like I get this creative itch that I just can’t seem to scratch… and I have to do something. Also, I’m pretty sure Evan needs this to happen because channeling all this energy in obsessive house organization might be the death of him… or me.

So here we are. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, here comes good ole blogging to focus my energies. {My third valiant effort will be the charm, right?}

I’m sure most of you reading this are all like, “what’s this blogging AGAIN, business? She had a blog once?” Well, folks, yes I did. And I shared it with like 10 people because I was afraid to really put myself out there. We all know the internet is a polarizing place, and anything you say or do will piss someone off. And I wasn’t ready for that.

But now… Now I am 30.  THIRTY.  And like all old people, I’m not afraid anymore!

But don’t worry, not like old-lady-walking-around-the-gym-locker-room-butt-naked not afraid, more like hey-here’s-my-blog not afraid.

Anyway, by rising from the ashes, I mean I’m starting new: a clean slate through a new site.  The one thing I’m taking with me is my blog name with me: Lisa in Flux.  Because one thing that has paradoxically never changed is everything about me = flux.

flux noun \ˈfləks\: A simple and ubiquitous concept throughout physics and applied mathematics is the flow of a physical property in space, frequently also with time variation. ¹

And for the sake of really not being afraid anymore, I’ll give you the option to take a gander at the 2nd dumbest blogging attempt on the internet HERE. This would only be 2nd to the Geocities magic I created at age 13 called Sine Qua Non, which one of my super freaking talented brothers could fill you in on. Don’t worry, it’s as embarrassing as it sounds.

Not shockingly, I do not know what this blog is going to focus on, but if would like some expectations (you should probably leave now if you have expectations of me in this adventure) you can visit the about page.  Anyway, I tend to talk a lot, and don’t want my blogbirth entry to be as long or as painful as what I hear real live human birth is like.

So long story short: Welcome.  My blog is happening.

xoxo. dan humphrey Lisa

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