Friday Jams #11

Warning: this post is of a very personal nature, and it’s pretty long. But I’m happy to put it out there, because I am a person who gets a solid case of ‘the feels’ sometimes, and the best way to get through it is to put it out there.

First, here is the Friday Jam without explanation.

Second is a tiny retrospective of my ‘feels’ surrounding the last 6 years of my life…

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Friday Jams – Toh Kay Edition

Another week… another blog-less week.

I am getting there, I swear. I am building up some stuff content wise.

It’s okay, though, because I’m betting maybe 5 people read this blog… including me. Also, I kind of don’t care, because I created this blog for myself. It’s not intended to be a money making branded adventure in what it’s like to be a creative middle class white girl, though it definitely is an adventure in being a creative middle class white girl… and I digress.

A few weeks ago Evan and I were playing cards, because secretly we are 85. When we play cards we shut off the TV and listen to music. I always put on Frank Sinatra or something of the like. This time Evan put on the Streetlight Lullabies and I immediately added this song to a slow jam playlist. I just love it.

This is definitely not as ridiculous as what I usually post, but it is dedicated to Evan and which is fitting because he is less ridiculous than I am in so many wats. Anyway, today is Evan’s birthday (he’s not really 85) and he is the best so he gets a Friday Jam entry to himself.



Here I Dreamt I was an Architect + Friday Jams

Here it is. My big announcement:

I got a new job. A new career-changing job.

This is what accounts for the weird comments about having to be a grown up about everything dating back to, well, the birth of this blog. It’s also the reason for radio silence in August and September.

So right now I’m an architect. Er, I was, er am … I’m still gainfully employed as one for another 3 weeks. Whatever tense it may be, at the end of October I will be a contractor. Some will say I’ve gone to the dark side, while others will believe I’ve seen the light… more on why this caused the silence later.

Anyway, there’s this song called “Here I Dreamt I was an Architect” by The Decemberists, which would be the most fitting song for today, but it is by no means a “jam”… especially a Lisa-style “Jam” … It’s some boring-ass lame emo hipster song and I hate it.

So in place of that you get more Whitney!! Because Whitney songs are my spirit animals. DUH!

This song actually has deep meanings in relation to my life as an architect. It was the song that my studio neighbor, Julie, and I used to jam out to at 4am when we were dead exhausted, and has since been an energy booster when I need to sit down the fire out drawings. It made all our other neighbors angry, but we didn’t care.

Ironically, today is Julie’s birthday. So Happy Birthday, Julie, and (almost) goodbye architecture.


or YouTube

Friday Jams: Bonnie Raitt (plus the blog is BACK) edition

The blog is back. I purposely decided to take a hiatus in August and September. I have several reasons why, but of course none of which I am choosing to share right now. You will learn why in due time, young grasshoppers.

I really wanted to post a Friday Jam today, because on the train this morning I was listening to a mix, and Bonnie Raitt came on, and I was like “yeah… today is a Bonnie Raitt day.” So here we are – back to blogging and enjoying today for what it is – a Bonnie Raitt day.


and YouTube:

Friday Jams: Ariana Grande ft. Zedd edition

I’m changing it up this week. Instead of a throwback or something ridiculous, I’m posting a song that’s hot on the current Top 40. I’ve literally put this song on repeat on all my mixes: running/work out/just to listen… I’m headed to a bachelorette party this weekend and fully intend on getting my dance on Saturday night. I am sure this song will be blasting at some point in the evening

Wherever you are and what ever you’re doing, I hope you stop for a 5 minute dance party, because I don’t know what else can lighten the mood better than getting your dance party on!

Pick your poison:



Nike+ Training Club

So it’s August and I haven’t blogged anything of substance in weeks.


My lack of baking and/or making and blogging has been a direct result of the process known as ‘buying a car’ … Apparently mid-July is when Evan and I like to pretend we’re functioning adults and do grown up things like buy a car.  So yeah, we bought a car and that is time consuming and exhausting, but we’re car owners. Yay!

In all of the research and test driving and collecting of car salespeoples business cards and then not making/baking, I realized the one thing I’ve actually been sticking with a fitness routine.  I think it’s mostly because it helps me manage stress (life = stress), but also I was really trying to get back to the shape I was in when I was acting like I had my shit together last year and moved in with Evan (moving in w/my bf = comfort pounds).

True story: I never have shit together.

Another true story: I like run on sentences.


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Friday Jams: Dr. Dre Edition

So I haven’t blogged in two weeks. I even missed last week’s Friday Jam.  Whoops.


Evan says that if I am going to be taken seriously, I need to at least keep up with Friday Jams, and he’s right. Last week was exhaustive (reasons why to come), and this week has been a little uninspired (reasons also to come). So this week’s Jam is dedicated to my partner in awesomeness, Evan.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that my parents and grandma might are going to be horrified by this song in general, never mind that it’s dedicated to the person I share half of my life with… Mom, Dad, Oma – maybe skip this week’s jam? Go here to listen to some wholesome Billy Joel, please.

Anyway, thanks for being so great, Evan. This is as close as I can get to having you celebrated on a national level.

As always, video for the non-spotifiers:

Friday Jams: Michael Jackson Edition

So early this week I heard this song in a JEEP commercial that actually made me dance around. It was a Michael Jackson song (obvs) and I was like “This will be Friday Jams this week. BOOM!” … Then I realized I never wrote up the blog and scheduled the post. What reminded me, not so ironically, was seeing the JEEP commercial while laying on the couch right now.


And for the non-spotifiers here’s the vid (which is a slightly disturbing edit medley of Michael’s moves from videos throughout his career due to the posthumous release of this song):

Links + Things


I wish I was back where I took this picture on Saturday, but alas, it’s Tuesday, so I will go to work. Also, it’s supposed to be rainy today.

In other news, I kind of jumped the gun about being excited about my new oven. It was delivered last week, but we’re waiting for the plumber to come hook it up (it’s gas). Apparently plumbers are super busy in these parts right now (this is odd, right?). Anyway, the plumber comes today.  Which is great because I want to make dairy-free Apfelkuchen.  My inspiration is two-fold: one, apples were at the farmer’s market last week and two, die Heimat, Germany, won this little thing called the World Cup. Did you hear about it?

It seems obvious that in these hot and oven-less days I should try my hand at a raw no-bake sweetsomething. However, I am currently in the midst of some big time grown up decisions, and it’s a bit overwhelming. Sorry to be vague, but being an adult is overrated and expensive. AND ME NO LIKEY.

So instead of something that I baked or did, you get links and things that make me happy, because making the perfect hard-boiled eggs every time really is happiness when you eat them as much as I do. Like I always say: It’s the little things…

+ Oh, Ladycakes vegan chocolate mousse = uncomplicated happiness.

Cakebox. Or Pie Box. Whatever, they’re all awesome.

+ Just another ‘dark chocolate is good for you’ article.

+ Danger: J.Crew and J.Crew Factory and pretty much everyone is having awesome mid-summer sales. Which is not helping with said expensive grown up life decisions.

Red Pandas playing, because red pandas playing.

+ This is exactly how I expect I will react when we finally get a dog (sorry Evan).

+ And lastly, just a little something that deserves a place on the blog: Happy Birthday to my lovely Oma!